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Team Ilbrey K9 Partners

Giving stray dogs a second chance of life. . . . .


Feedback from people that we have helped... each dog we home is special to us and we make sure the new owners are supported as much as possible as the new addition and the family adjust to the new member...

I can't tell you how happy we are to have discovered Team Ilbrey. The adoption process was trouble free, with a very friendly but thorough home-check to start us off and visits with Rachael before we could bring Hugo home. He's a fabulous addition to our family and since we were adopted we've had a fun reunion on the beach with other pups from Team Ilbrey and we feel like we've gained a very supportive extended family. We have also a special adoptees facebook page where we share photos and stories and where we can ask advice from the team. Our other 2 dogs are rescues from elsewhere and I can honestly say that the support from Team Ilbrey is second to none!

Ruth and Wayne Tyson

The folks that Hugo adopted

Thank you so much for all your help and for letting me adopt Bella. She is a fantastic dog and brings me so much joy every day! Keep up the good work!

Ruth and Wayne Tyson

The folks that Hugo adopted

Thank you so much for all your help and for letting me adopt Bella. She is a fantastic dog and brings me so much joy every day! Keep up the good work!



My husband and i would like so say a big thank you to Kerry & Dave for finding our most loveable pup Merlin , he didn't have a very good start in life in fact with out kerry's help he would not be here now as he was due to be put to sleep , but kerry and her very professional team rescued merlin and got him back into good health and we now have a loving ,funny, healthy dog with out people like them so many dogs would be put to sleep without a second thought ,keep up your good work kerry you are an angel as are all of K9 Partners and the IIbrey team x



We can not thank Kerry enough for the professional way in which she made it possible for us to adopt Jack. Kerry provided us with loads of background information on Jack including the potential pitfalls as well as all the good stuff, so we knew exactly what we were getting into. Our home check was arranged within 24 hours enabling us to visit and collect Jack within 2 weeks of first spotting him on the website. Cheryl and Phil had done a wonderful job as his foster parents enabaling a smooth transition from his previous owner to us. Kerry has remained in touch and I feel confident that I could call on Team Ilbrey K9 Partners for continued advice and guidance if needed. A very professional organisation providing homeless dogs with a second chance. We cannot thank them enough for bringing Jack into our lives, he is a wonderful boy and brings a smile to our face daily.

Lorraine & Vic Hills

Jacks new home

I cannot thank Team Ilbrey enough for rehoming their first rescue Staffy with us - as he is our first adopted dog there were a number of questions, considerations and, of course, excitement! Any concerns were put to rest thanks to the great advice and professionalism from Kerry and Dave. They are always keen to hear how Roots is doing, and I see that they are equally as excited to hear of his progress as I am proud to let them know. Their efforts to help dogs who are so very at risk have a second chance of life are to be commended - their compassion and patience is amazing! We count ourselves very lucky to have met Team Ilbrey, and to have such a wonderful, friendly and happy dog as part of our family!

Lauren & James

What a wonderful cause you have set up in your home, Lincoln is an adorable pup that is perfect for us, everything was professional and very friendly, i was informed of all the necessary information about Lincoln, we could not of asked for a better dog, thank you so much for introducing him to our family where he can now settle and be in his forever home :) xx



after losing our furbaby in such tragic circumstances we had a hole in our hearts that ached badly, time may have healed it but we knew a better way, thanks to kerry and her team we found diesel and sasha, unfortunately though diesel despite many chances and attempts to get him to leave our cats alone failed, so he went back to kerry, sasha however continues day by day to amuse us, to be there for a hug as soon as we walk in, to give doggy kisses to all and sundry, she may be small but her heart and love know no limits ( including licking ears ) so it is a huge thankyou to kerry and co from the family smith for bringing sasha to us, and i would highly recommend them to anyone looking to adopt a rescue furbaby.

keith, ness kerenza

family smith

Please adopt a dog and I am sure it will be as beautiful and well tempered as our dog Grayson. The service is thorough and professional and the follow up care and support is incredible.

Julia Champness-Brooks

Excellent rescue service for excellent dogs

Just want to say a massive thank you to all of your team, especially Ester who was fostering little Brie. We were told everything we needed to know to take Bella home, she was not bothered by the other dogs, she loves her cuddles. If she had not been rescued who knows what would have happened. The team are great and will answer any questions you may have. I would recommend you to anyone looking for a new dog, there are no surprises except what truely loving dogs they are. All the best for the future x

Donna and Steve Byrom

Sweet Brie now Bella

When we adopted Nelly in December 2011, she was scared, thin and with a skin condition that she continually scratched. It took some TLC, food and a little medication to turn this dog around and now she has become a cuddle monster who loves nothing more than belly rubs and toys. Nelly came with lots of baggage that we have worked hard on, but every now and then it rears its ugly head and she returns to the scared girl that first arrived. We will always be thankful to Team Ilbrey for being there for Nelly, saving her from PTS and passing her on to live with us. We could not imagine life without this girl now, its like she has always been there. Thank you Team Ilbrey

Kim Chant

Nelly's mum

We are very please with our dog the magical "Merlin",Kerry nursed him back to health so he could come and live in his new home.Everyone loves Merlin,he would have been put to sleep if it were not for Kerry and everyone else who helped to rescue this very special boy.

cheryl davison

I am so happy Denver found you guys (rescued from Dog Warden) he is so happy and confident now. All the dogs that come into your care are so lucky & I will do all I can to help you continue in your brilliant and worthwhile mission as guardian angels :0)


Thank you for helping us find such a fab dog who is perfect for our family- your advice and professionalism (before and after we adopted her) was great. The dogs of the world are lucky to have people like you looking out for them.


I adopted Blake - a wonderful American Akita/GSD puppy about 3mths ago through K9 Partners. The support and advise I have received both before and after the adoption process has been first class. We were fully informed as to the dog temperament and needs, and have had no nasty surprises. A small but professional and friendly local rescue with a dedicated and knowledgable dog lover at the helm. Thank you and well done - K9 Partners.


I helped transport a lovely young dog for Team Ilbrey and found them to be very friendly and helpful and kept in touch right through until he was found a lovely new home..and beyond! Glad to have been able to help them continue to rescue and help save another abandoned dog they are doing a wonderful job