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SASHA - Staffie x

Aged:  6 Mths



Good with children

Dog Friendly

Below is the foster family assessment of their little house guest.

"Sasha is a little cuddle monster. She is a staffy cross and only 6 months old so still a puppy.
She loves to sleep on your lap if she is allowed. She settles so nicely and gives lovely cuddles.
She is friendly towards people and perfect with children and is currently living with one. She is learning very quickly that jumping up is not OK and in the short time she has been with us now only does it when very excited.
She is eager to please and easy to train. She is a clever girl who understands quickly what you are teaching her.
With new dogs she is a little too eager to say hello and barks but is very friendly and is calming down as she has more interactions. She loves to play and have a run.
She has been living with an older female and they play beautifully together and happily share a bed or the sofa.
She can be left for short periods easily with no separation anxiety, we can see her on our cam and she just sleeps peacefully.
She is fully house trained, not scared of cars passing in walks and sleeps through fireworks.
Sasha would make the perfect addition to anyone and will give masses of love and affection in return".