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REX - American Bulldog

Aged:   7 Months


Micro Chipped

Below is his foster family's assessment of him.

"Rex is a friendly loving pup who would make a great addition to any home. He's house trained and can do basic commands. He's just learnt to give paw and is so proud of himself! He's better on a harness than colar when walking, he doesnt pull too much but still needs to learn as he doesnt have the best road sense and just wants to say hi to everyone. He's very responsive when you call him. He can cuddle up on the couch or sit on the floor in front of you if you give him a scratch at the back of his neck you can see him smile. He's playful with other dogs and has met many big and small on walks and very friendly greeting them all.  Working on stay and wait. Cries a bit at first in his crate but is fine after just a few minutes. He doesn't like the noise of the tumble dryer if he's in his crate. Sleeps downstairs in it at night, haven't had to wake up in the night for him. Very gentle with people, has been around my gran and 11 year old sister and didn't jump up, he does occasionally though which we are working on but he doesn't use all his weight so it's not overpowering at all, easy to push him down. Food orientated, will do anything for a treat. Eats his dinner quite slowly, so dont feed him at the same time as our dog, haven't found anything he doesn't like yet. Not taken him in the car lots but when we have he's been good. Settles quickly and lies down/sleeps".