Team Ilbrey K9 Partners

Giving stray dogs a second chance of life. . . . .

Meet the team  in person...

The Rescue Partners

The ladies who, with the help of the team make things happen.


Founder, West Sussex

Kerry completely fell into the dog rescue world by fate - but a passion for dogs has made her stick it out and establish K9 Partners as a repectable dog rescue who sticks to her simple principles. We stick to what we know and don't over stretch ourselves financially or with the amount of dogs we help.

Kerry has NINE of her own dogs, which range from a Saint Bernard to a French Bulldog x Staff - all are rescues.

Kerry is a firm believer in natural feeding and will happily promote the raw meat diet to anyone willing to listen and learn about the benefits.

Kerry has surrounded herself by some loyal and hard working people who have the same passion and drive for the rescue to succeed. 

If you have any issues or questions, please drop Kerry a email on the partners email; [email protected]

If you need to speak to her, please call her on 07913 410912 after office hours.


Partner, Blackpool
Rachael has been the driving force behind the rescue in the last few years. She WAS a stay at home mum with four wonderful kids and a supportive partner, Mike when she first volunteered, but now like the rest of the team she works and  juggles her very busy home and family life around her commitment to the rescue. 

Rachael has raised all the pups we have had arrive or were born whilst in our rescue, ensuring they are well socialised with dogs, kids and the family cat. Rachael has 3 of her own dogs, all are mastiffs who regularly welcome in another dogs in need. 
Rachael also helps out with transport up north and arranges our home checks. 
If you need to speak to Rachael, about any dogs up north, a home check or raw feeding, please call her on 07713 177202, or drop her a email on [email protected]


Partner, Essex

Esther joined the rescue at the start of 2012 with her husband as fosterers, but it soon became apparent of the love and devotion she had for the staffie breed.

Esther was keen to learn and take on more responsibilities.  She was asked to officially join the rescue ranks about 5 months after she started fostering for us, and she proved to be a fantastic team member.

Esther and James (husband) do a fantastic job with the foster dogs they take in, fully integrating them into their own pack of 3 staffies and 3 bulldog breeds..

If you need to speak to Esther about any Staffies looking for a forever home, then please drop her a email on [email protected] or call her on 07823 771656 after office hours.

Julie - Accounts

Julie - Kerry's mum - Supports the rescue from the side lines and on the odd occasion that we get something big and fluffy in like the dog in the picture she will help and foster.  The dog in this picture is the first ever dog that K9 Partners rescued.  His name is Blake.  He is an American Akita x German Shepherd, and had we not taken him in at 6 months of age,  he unbelievably would of been 'put to sleep'.  Mum offered to foster him, and to this date he still lives happily with the family.  Now aged just over 6 years he is a gentle giant of a dog.

Other Team Members Include:- Kerrie-Ann, Ann, Harrie, Kate, Sarah and Tina - who all contribute to the daily running of the rescue, around their own very busy life's.

Our Professional Trainers and Behaviourists

Whilst the Rescue Partners and the Team

all have years of hands on experiences with our own dogs

K9 Partners

is also very fortunate to have the support of the following Professionals.

Mrs. Julia Langlands ACFBA

Julia is a practicing canine behaviour consultant of fifteen years. She is an experienced, qualified, and fully insured behaviourist and owner trainer, a raw food advisor, microchipper, member of the CFBA, and tutor/practical trainer with the British College of Canine Studies. 

Along with running her behaviour consultancy and fulfilling her teaching and training roles, she is active in dog welfare and rescue. 

Julia is balanced and science based in approach, and can offer support in all areas of dog behaviour, training, health, nutrition and UK dog law. 

Mrs Julia Langlands ACFBA

Tel. No:  (01924)666225 

Mobile No: 07920 464 120

[email protected]

Rachel Cardy

Paige Crump

Paige Crump is a canine behaviour practitioner who works closely with rescue and non rescue dogs from all backgrounds. Has been passionate about helping dogs since a young age and has four dogs of her own two Great Danes Riley and Sasha, a 14 year old cocker spaniel and a troubled rescue bullmastiff, Pooch. Paige works closely with rescue bull breeds. Paige has recently started up her own dog behaviour company "Turn a Page - Dog behaviour" and hopes to be better able to help rescue dogs and their forever family bring peace, harmony and balance to their dogs live. She studied at the British College of Canine Studies, and graduated with Distinction in the following courses: 
  • Level 4 canine behaviour practitioner diploma course - mentored by Julia Langlands
  • Canine health and nutrition diploma course
  • Canine first aid certificate course
  • Canine holistic health certificate course