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Giving stray dogs a second chance of life. . . . .

Meet the team  in person...

The Rescue Partners And Team

Doing what we can, with what we have to make a difference!


Founder / Partner
West Sussex

Kerry completely fell into the dog rescue world by fate - but a passion for dogs has made her stick it out and establish K9 Partners as a respectable dog rescue who sticks to her simple principles. We stick to what we know and don't over stretch ourselves financially or with the amount of dogs we help.

Kerry has NINE of her own dogs, which range from a Saint Bernard to a French Bulldog x Staff - all are rescues.

Kerry is a firm believer in natural feeding and will happily promote the raw meat diet to anyone willing to listen and learn about the benefits.

Kerry is now a Mum, and for that reason isn't involved in the daily running of the rescue.  She can be contact via the rescue email:- 

[email protected] 


 West Sussex
Rachel has now been promoted to a Partner within the  rescue, and is responsible for overseeing the daily running of K9 Partners.  She has her own pack of four dogs - a Staffie x, Rotti x Mastiff and two Presa Canarios which were both adopted from K9Partners. She also fosters for us, and boards dogs needing training or correction for behavioural issues.  In addition to the work and support she gives the rescue, she also runs her own doggie day care and boarding facility in the Chichester area.,  where she also does  'one on one dog training and deals with behavioral issues. She has many years of hands on experience with dogs, in particular the bull breeds and mastiffs.  Rachel originally joined the team as fundraiser,  but in recent years she has supported, advised and helped with the rehabilitation of some of our more challenging dogs.

Should you need to contact K9Partners direct, please use her mobile number:- 0781 402 3727.  If she is busy when you call, Rachel will phone you back.


Rachael is mum to four lovely girls and her own pack of rescue dogs.  She also owns a couple of horses.  She works like all of us, but still manages to find the time to foster for us and support the rescue with her creative fundraising skills from her home in Blackpool,. 

 Rachael is a very experienced dog owner and in the past she has raised a number of litters of puppies for us.; and is currently fostering three elderly St. Bernard dogs.
She is a  dedicated and knowledgeable raw feeder who  promotes the holistic approach to canine welfare where ever possible.

Rachael has been a member of K9Partners almost since it started.  

Should you need to contact Rachael, please do so via the rescue email:-


Adoption & Home Check


Kerrie-Ann's own pack of dogs include staffies, American Bulldogs x, and a Presa Canario - three of which she adopted from K9Partners. Kerrie-Ann is a very keen fosterer, and helps out regularly with transport runs and home checks.  In addition to still helping out with the above, she is now our Adoption and Home Check Co-ordinator.  

Should you need to contact Kerrie-Ann direct her mobile no. is
07340 218 709;  or you can message her via our Facebook page or email her at [email protected]



Accounts & General Admin

Julie - Kerry's Mum - deals with the financial side of the rescue, along with some of the general admin.  She has two rescue dogs, an American Akita x GSD and a Collie x.  

Should you need to contact Julie direct please do so either via our Facebook page or email her at

[email protected]



General Support

Kate - Does what she can, when she can around her full time job as a school teacher.  She has three dogs - all of which she adopted via the rescue.  She has an Akita x Staffie, a Sussex Bulldog and a Staffie.  She helps out with homechecks and transport runs.

Our Professional Trainers and Behaviourists

Whilst the Rescue Partners and the Team

all have years of hands on experiences with their own dogs

K9 Partners

is also very fortunate to have the support of the following Professionals.

Mrs. Julia Langlands ACFBA

Julia is a practicing canine behaviour consultant of fifteen years. She is an experienced, qualified, and fully insured behaviourist and owner trainer, a raw food advisor, microchipper, member of the CFBA, and tutor/practical trainer with the British College of Canine Studies. 

Along with running her behaviour consultancy and fulfilling her teaching and training roles, she is active in dog welfare and rescue. 

Julia is balanced and science based in approach, and can offer support in all areas of dog behaviour, training, health, nutrition and UK dog law. 

Mrs Julia Langlands ACFBA

Tel. No:  (01924)666225 

Mobile No: 07920 464 120

[email protected]

Paige Crump

Paige Crump is a canine behaviour practitioner who works closely with rescue and non rescue dogs from all backgrounds. Has been passionate about helping dogs since a young age and has four dogs of her own two Great Danes Riley and Sasha, a 14 year old cocker spaniel and a troubled rescue bullmastiff, Pooch. Paige works closely with rescue bull breeds. Paige has recently started up her own dog behaviour company "Turn a Page - Dog behaviour" and hopes to be better able to help rescue dogs and their forever family bring peace, harmony and balance to their dogs live. She studied at the British College of Canine Studies, and graduated with Distinction in the following courses: 
  • Level 4 canine behaviour practitioner diploma course - mentored by Julia Langlands
  • Canine health and nutrition diploma course
  • Canine first aid certificate course
  • Canine holistic health certificate course