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COCO - American Bulldog x

Aged:  7 Months



Child friendly

Dog friendly

Below is the assessment from his foster family.

"Coco is doing so well with me in fosterer. She’s such a sweet friendly dog who takes treats gently, she gives kisses  and is an active dog that loves her walks. She’s been off lead in the tennis courts and absolutely loved running around and showed great signs of recall. Coco is still very much a pup in a big body so can jump up but this is being worked on and she’s so much better and very responsive to training

 Coco is very dog friendly. She tries to initiate play with my 10 year old female staffie and is very submissive and responsive when corrected by her. Coco would love another dog to live with who could tolerate her energy. That said, she does calm very quickly if my girl ignores her and respects her space. Coco could happily live as an only dog too.

Coco is not suitable to live with cats / small furries

Coco has been brought up with children and is absolutely fine with them.
She is big and bouncy so could knock little uns over but this would not be done in malice.

Coco is house trained and is crate trained where she sleeps without any problem throughout the night for 9 hours and makes no noise at all. In the home she is quite calm after an initial play. She will lie down on the carpet and chill, or take herself into her crate. Coco is fed twice a day and has no food issues and will take treats gently and sits although she does need prompting as she gets excited.

Coco is a beautiful girl in looks and personality. She will make a fabulous addition to a home".

Currently in foster in Birmingham area.