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Breed: Staffie x

Aged:  3 Yrs


Micro chipped

Currently in foster - and this is the foster home's assessment of her:-

I have had the beautiful Amber in my care now for 2 weeks and I feel like we have been together forever. The first couple of days and nights Amber would continuously bark and seemed very unsettled, but who can blame her as she had her puppies took away from her at about 5 weeks old just before she found herself homeless and unwanted. Anyway after a couple of days she adapted extremely well into our home. I have an 8 year old daughter and Amber loves her so much and my son aged 24 has been staying who she also adores; however I feel that atm I am the one in her life that she needs, as I am her main carer eg feeds her, walks her play and cuddles with her the most, not just saying this but Amber is adorable, she has so much love to give, she is so loyal and not at any point has she showed any aggression to anyone. She doesn't have any issues that need sorting out as far as I am aware at present. Now she is settled I have been purposely walking in parks near other dogs, she has always been on the lead and shown no aggression to any other dogs she sniffs and is very curious.
I have just found a local park that has a closed of area for owners to let their dogs off the lead and be safe so might have a go at that in a couple of days cos she is definitely the type of dog that needs plenty of exercise I dont think Amber has ever had much interaction with anyone but she is a very quick learner and enjoying each day as it brings another adventure for her.