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AGED:  Approx. 3 Yrs




Tucker is a delightful boy in the right home, he needs a home where he can be mentally stimulated and very active. He would best suit someone with training ability to maybe do agility or work him in some way as this is what he strives to do and he always looks to please his humans. Tucker has been around many animals but as time has gone on theres just no way he will accept a cat or small furries etc as he will chase; also as time has gone on he hasn't been great with male dogs so he really needs a home with no male dogs around, a female he has no problems and prefers the female to be the boss!! In the home Tucker is fantastic, crate trained as he will counter surf! He will happily stay in his crate overnight and for a few hours in the day if needed as long as he has been walked and had time to chill. He is house trained and will get excited when he wants to go the toilet, he doesn't really beg around food etc. He loves his cuddles and one on one time. I can't fault him with children of all ages as been brought up varying from newborn to 14 years old. Tucker loves a ball, and he will happily play fetch all day long! Kongs, again he loves them especially stuffed with something and then frozen, which will keep him occupied for a while. Outside on a lead he can pull with initial excitement of going out but soon relaxes into loose leash walking on a normal collar and lead, off lead once trust is but up he has really good recall and can happily walk him through woodland and fields with him checking in regular to make sure your not too far behind him! Around food tucker has no aggression to humans touching, moving his bowl. If he is to live with another dog then the feeding times need to be separate for a while until he builds trust with the other dog before feeding together. i know people look at staffy x's and they aren't rehomed easily but the right home is out there for Tucker somewhere and in return he will adore you and is the most faithful friend you could ask for.