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TIANA      **  RE-HOMED **

Breed:   Bull Mastiff

Aged:    5 Years

  • Spayed
  • Micro Chipped
  • Vaccinated.
  • Good with children
  • Good with other dogs.
  • NOT good with cats.
  • House & crate trained

Below is the assessment of Tiana from her foster mum, and our Rescue Partner - Rachael.

"Tiana came into rescue a bag of bones., but she has certainly flourished with us as you can see by her pics!  Tiana needs a forever home of her own with someone who is large breed experienced and ideally with Bullmastiffs, whilst she lives here very happily with us with 2 male Saint Bernards, 1 female Saint Bernard and 1 female Mastiff, she does require good introductions to other dogs, she loves Kaida our female mastiff and the two of them are quite a duo! She prefers larger dogs to small yappy ones also. She does listen to you though and will stop and come back as we have been working on this.  Children - Tiana adores children of all ages from tiny dots upto teens can't fault her around kids, she doesn't barge, jump up or steal from them.  We have 4 children of various ages and we can't fault her one bit. Food. -  Tiana due to being underfed when she came in can sometimes still be a bit possessive over her food.. we feed her in her crate and have worked on getting feeding Kaida close to her and she will tolerate this but won't if not in her crate. She can happily give up bones and treats though no issue. She is Raw fed and i'd really like to see her forever home continue this so knowledge of raw feeding would be ideal. Toys - Tiana is a big baby and doesnt act 5! She will play all day long if she could with Kaida whether it be with Kong toys, tuggy toys, squeaky ones although she does need some sturdier ones as she can chew through them if left alone with them. Tiana is fully crate trained and will happily sleep in a crate for upto 4 hours, to be honest i only use the crate mainly for feeding but it's there and always open and she actually prefers to go in there to go to sleep and Kaida also joins her... She is also fully house trained and will do the wee wee dance if she wants to go out!! On the lead Tiana is fabulous barely pulls maybe first few mins thats it... off lead is a rarity for her as we don't have many places they can go off lead but when we have taken her to a secure location with only our dogs in there then she has fab recall - just watch your legs when you shout her back!   Out and about she loves meeting people, new dogs is hit and miss depending on their approach to her, walking with other dogs she has seen and hasn't bothered her she will happily walk with. At the vets Tiana behaves she will sit and wait on the scales when you ask her, she isnt keen on her bottom being touched at the vets but reassurance as best as can  and a cuddle and she is ok. She has had her vaccination restarted with us and after both vaccs she stopped eating which was a massive worry. so i'd like to discuss this at length with the potential home for Tiana. Travelling in the car...she just sleeps and aint fussed one bit, she doesnt get car sick all. For anyone wanting to give a forever home to Tiana I personally can not fault her she fits in with my pack 110% yes you have to help her with some good intros and not have a dog in her face but have the patience for that and work with it with my help if needed or regular meets before adopting if close by, then you will get one truly amazing girl that has stole mine and many other hearts".