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Giving stray dogs a second chance of life. . . . .


Breed:  Boerboel Mastiff x Rotti

Aged:  Approx: 8 months

  • Spayed
  • Mirco Chipped
  • Vaccinated
  • Crate trained

Assessment from her foster home:-
Sadie is doing really well and she is almost house trained. She still jumps up when you walk through the front door though but quickly settles down. She loves to chew her toys but doesn't chew anything in the house although she will play tug of war with any socks left lying around!!. She initially pulls on the lead through excitement but then quickly settles into walking well....we do have her on a harness though as shown in the pictures.  She is still wary of traffic and tends to hide behind your legs if it gets too busy. She's good with all other dogs we've met but does seem to love men and will refuse to walk any further until any stray man she sees has shown her some attention!! She is happy to be left for short periods if she is with my other dog but gets very anxious if left on her own. She loves to snuggle and is a very loud snorer!! Great with my kids who are 11 and above but as I mentioned she does jump up at times so not sure how she would be with little ones. I do not have a cat but she doesn't show much interest when we see one on a walk.