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Breed:  American Bull Dog x Staffie

Aged:  18mths approx.

  • Neutered
  • Mirco Chipped
  • Vaccinated

Currently in kennels.  Pudding is still young and very energetic, and we would therefore suggest that he is best suited to a home with no young children.  

This is a further brief update by someone who knows Pudding:-

Pudding is young, energetic, loving and goofy. He seems to be a little frightened of the outside world, not feeling comfortable around traffic, would prefer to have someone around most of the day. No young children. He is great with other dogs but can be a bit bouncy and full on. He needs a home that can increase his confidence and regain his trust. Having no option but to put him into kennels he will need to have someone who will have the time to show him the way and provide him with the exercise he needs. At home he loves nothing better than to snuggle on the sofa 💖