Team Ilbrey K9 Partners

Giving stray dogs a second chance of life. . . . .

   12 April 2015 - 30 June 2017
We like to think of K9 Partners as being one big family, and every new adoption is celebrated.  It is therefore heart breaking when one of our dogs takes poorly and crosses over the Rainbow Bridge.
Prince was one of those dogs that touched the hearts of all the people that he meet because he was so sociable  Prior to his adoption he was in foster with Kerry, during which time he had to undergo surgery on his legs. Once he was fully recovered he was adopted by Lisa and her family.  He was a dog that lived life to the full and was a much loved addition.  The stigma of being unwanted and a rescue dog was soon a fading memory.  Prince was fortunate in that he was sent to Wagg with Swagg Doggie Day Care - near Chichester.  He soon won the heart of Rachel (The Owner) and he along with his canine brother Blue had many fun filled day either in the play enclosure,  running around the fields, or wallowing in puddles.  Basically enjoying life!
 Rachel -aka " Foster Mum " played an important role in Prince's rehabilitation from
rescue dog to the happy, well balanced dog he became.

Prince took poorly during the middle of April, and despite the very best efforts of his vets and three surgeries, nothing more could be done so Lisa and the family made the heart breaking decision to let him go.
In memory of Prince, Lisa organised on what would've been the 1 year anniversary of his adoption a sponsored dog walk, the proceeds of which she kindly donated to K9 Partners, so that we can continue giving other dogs like Prince a second chance of a happy life.   As you can see from the picture, despite the bad weather there was a wonderful turn out of friends that willing under took the walk for Prince.  And we all liked to think that Prince was there in spirit, racing through the woods and having a  blast.
At the end of the walk we all received a lovely commemorative medal, and a piece of chocolate cake.!  The dogs went home with a doggie bag full of treats.
 ** Prince ** 
A rescue dog who knew love
And loved, and lived his short life to the full.