Team Ilbrey K9 Partners

Giving stray dogs a second chance of life. . . . .


We are currently running via our Facebook page (K9Partners) an online photo competition.

This is basically a fun, fundraiser to raise some much needed funds to pay our kennelling  and veterinary bills. 

For full details of the various classes, and to enter please visit us on Facebook.

Christmas is always a quiet time for rescues, and we don't rehome dogs during our shut down period which this year is from the 17the December 2017 until 02 January 2018.  We still have dogs in kennels, and veterinary bills to pay during this time, so we have to find ways to generate an extra income.

It's a fun competition and EVERY DOG is welcome to take part, and the winning dogs will receive rosettes and I believe there is also an overall winners prize!