Team Ilbrey K9 Partners

Giving stray dogs a second chance of life. . . . .

Meet the team  in person...

The Rescue Partners

The ladies who, with the help of the team make things happen.


Founder, West Sussex

Kerry completely fell into the dog rescue world by fate - but a passion for dogs has made her stick it out and establish K9 Partners as a repectable dog rescue who sticks to her simple principles. We stick to what we know and don't over stretch ourselves financially or with the amount of dogs we help.

Kerry has NINE of her own dogs, which range from a Saint Bernard to a French Bulldog x Staff - all are rescues.

Kerry is a firm believer in natural feeding and will happily promote the raw meat diet to anyone willing to listen and learn about the benefits.

Kerry has surrounded herself by some loyal and hard working people who have the same passion and drive for the rescue to succeed. 

If you have any issues or questions, please drop Kerry a email on the partners email; [email protected]

If you need to speak to her, please call her on 07913 410912 after office hours.


Partner, Blackpool
Rachael has become the driving force behind the rescue in the last few years, Rachael is a stay at home mum with 4 wonderful kids and her supportive partner, Mike.
Rachael has raised all the pups we have had arrive or delivered in our rescue, ensure they are well socialised with dogs, kids and the family Cat. Rachael has 3 of her own dogs, all are mastiffs who regularly welcome in another dog in need.
Rachael also helps out with transport up north and arranges our home checks. 
If you need to speak to Rachael, about any dogs up north, a home check or raw feeding, please call her on 07713 177202, or drop her a email on [email protected]


Partner, Essex

Esther joinned the rescue at the start of 2012 with her husband as fosterers, but it soon became apparent of the love and devotion she had for the staffie breed.

Esther was keen to learn and take on more responsibilites and showed herself to be the makings of a fantastic team member and was asked to officially join the rescue ranks about 5 months after she started fostering for us.

Esther and James (husband) do a fantastic job with the foster dogs they take in, fully intergrating them into their own pack of 3 staffis and 3 bulldog breeds..

If you need to speak to Esther about any Staffies looking for a forever home, then please drop her a email on [email protected] or call her on 07823 771656 after office hours.

Julie - Accounts

Julie - Kerry's mum... Supports the rescue from the side lines and on the odd occasion we get something big and fluffy in like in the picture she will help and foster - The dog in this picture is the first ever dog that K9 Partners helped - Blake who now happens to happily live with my mum, and her other two dogs, a ball obsessed Spaniels and a stubborn bassett.

Julie looks after all the financial side of the rescue, from adoption fees, donations to payments going to Vets.

Any accounts queires, please contact Julie on:- 

[email protected]