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American Bull Dog

AGED:   2.5 Yrs
  • Spayed
  • Micro Chipped
  • Vaccinated.

The assessment below has been supplied by her owners.

"Jessie is a 2.5 year old American bulldog who is spayed, chipped and vaccinated. She has a lump at the end of her tail from an injury but the vets say it's nothing to worry about; the tail can be cut below the lump but vet said there's really no need.  Jessie is a very clever girl and loves fetching tennis balls and playing tug. She enjoys doggy puzzle games and chasing and chewing plastic bottles. She's playful with dogs she knows but unsure of dogs she doesn't. She will run towards them, have a sniff and run back to me and try to hide (no doggy manners) This is the same with people. She is a very nervous girl....of people too close, animals, cars, crowds and walking along the street. Jessie is also very scared and hides and shakes during thunder storms and is even worse with fireworks. She's not a fan of water and doesn't enjoy a bath...but loves rolling in a dirt patch! 
Jessie is very protective of the house and barks at people who enter the garden...I have been told this is all mainly to do with nerves but can be helped with proper training, this is the same with walking on a lead as she pulls heavily. I have tried her with a Halti which she absolutely hates! So its just a normal lead she uses. She loves having a run on the field and will come back when called. She is good with children but will chase cats and smaller animals (except smaller dogs).
I have tried Jessie on a raw diet but she wouldn't eat it so after a few days I put her back on meat and biscuit.
Her health is good just gets a little allergic in the warmer weather...I give her antihistamines and a supplement in her food until it clears. She currently weighs 40kgs.  Jessie is fine being left with a run of the house but she stays in the living room and mainly sleeps".
She really is a good girl...just needs proper training.

Jessie is currently still living with her family in Hampshire, but will be surrendered to the rescue once a suitable forever home has been found.