Team Ilbrey K9 Partners

Giving stray dogs a second chance of life. . . . .


Labrador x Rotti x Mastiff

Aged:  18 mths approx.

  • Neutered
  • Micro Chipped
  • Vaccinated.

Assessment from Foster Home:-

He's doing well. He's happy and relaxed at home but very protective of myself and Rhianwen. He's not a fan of men, but only at first meeting.  He's very obedient.
He's been fine at day care and loves our dogs, especially our Ringo, and he's done a proper Canicross meeting with no issues around strangers and many dogs. He's a gentle dog and needs patience and a soft approach to training. He is also extremely head-shy and shows signs of abuse or heavy-handed training, as confirmed by his behaviourist.

 He's responding extremely well to training and he doesn't even pull on a lead now, which is amazing considering how he was.

New home needs to continue his training and be experienced with large dogs and happy to walk/run on line until prey-drive sorted... the training is critical and has to be gentle and by someone with experience and understanding of dogs with little confidence. I don't think he will be an issue around kids as long as the owner is sensible.
He's a truly lovely dog. We're both very attached to him, and If we had space we would keep him. His next home needs to be perfect.