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Breed:  Malamute 

Aged:   10 Weeks

Micro Chipped


Bertie loves to interact with people, other dogs and cats. Although other cats are not always so willing. Bertie is a bundle of fun, very excitable and intelligent, but he also has a stubborn streak. He is a tolerant, playful and kind tempered puppy who loves children and other puppies. He is a little nervous around other dominant breeds, but he is learning to stick up for himself.

He has learnt some commands such as sit, lay down and his name. Recall is where his stubbornness comes out, he will want to do, what Bertie wants to do so it takes patience and a willingness to hold firm and calm to the training. He likes to have lots of cuddles and fuss, but also he likes to have some quiet time and find himself a safe place to relax. In a loving home where he has plenty of interaction and walks, but also his own space, Bertie will thrive and become your loyal best friend