Team Ilbrey K9 Partners

Giving stray dogs a second chance at life.....

Helping Dogs thats desperately need a second chance of life.....

We started K9 Partners in July 2011, since then we have slowly grown in size, we now have two Partners, Esther who is based in Essex and  Sadie who is based in the Isle of Wight.

Our rescue is run mainly from our homes, Kerry has a pack of 6 dogs and can take in up to 2  foster/rescue dogs, Esther has 3 staffs and can take in 1-2 dogs whilst Sadie has her own dogs Lincoln & Nico and currently has 2 rescue dog spaces. Thankfully we also have a group of foster families up and down the country that can help us when we need them to. All have large breed/bull breed experience and help with assessing the dogs coming in from the pounds.


Stray dogs are ONLY given 7 days in the UK to be reunited  with their owners, rehomed  directly

 from the pound or secure a rescue place before they are at risk of being euthanised. We work closely with various pounds up and down the country to help any mastiff or bull breed types that are in that situation. Due to our rescue being run from home with our existing pack we only select dogs that are known to be ?dog friendly?.

All dogs that come into our rescue are assessed, vaccinated,    micro-chipped and neutered prior to rehoming.  Anyone interested in rehoming one of our dogs, will also be home checked and references taken from Vets to ensure that the dog will have a long and happy life with the new family.  All of our dogs come with life long rescue back up?.


Many people don?t realise how bad the stray dog situation has got in the UK?. 

3 out of every 10 staffy puppies won't live to see it's

1st birthday. 45% of the rest won't reach their 3rd birthday.

In the UK one dog every minute is put to sleep and over 90% are staffies or staffy cross puppies. 

We are only in our infancy stages of being a non-profit organisation, currently everything we do is funded directly by us, any donations we make by rehoming a dog, goes straight into the kitty to help pay for the next dogs treatment, food etc ? but when a dog is rehomed into a wonderful family ? it makes it all worth while? Any donations made are put straight back into helping us help more dogs. We soon will be looking for foster homes and people to help with home checks and dog assessments ? if you think you might be able to help, please contact us on the details below.

For more information, please check us out at 

or call; 

Kerry on 07957 300644

 Sadie on 07542 895900 

Esther on 07823 771656

or email